Webhooks 2 and Export Service to be decommissioned


Beginning June 1, 2023 Akamai will no longer create new Webhooks 2.0 subscriptions for organizations. Your existing subscriptions will continue to work, and will continue to be supported until the service is decommissioned. However, as of June 1st you won't be able to add new subscriptions.

On September 30, 2023 the Akamai Identity Cloud will decommission both Webhooks v2 and the Export Service. After September 30 these two legacy services will no longer be available. Instead, organizations will need to upgrade to the newer versions of these services:

These new versions are both self-configurable. However, you will need to engage with your Identity Cloud representative to provide visibility into, and to turn off, your legacy services.

Akamai recognizes that this decommission announcement may result in unplanned effort and inconvenience on your end. However, the Akamai team is committed to working with you to help make this transition as seamless as possible. Please contact your Identity Cloud representative for more information.