Create and name a Dashboard


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

There are at least two ways to create Dashboards. The “traditional” way to create a Dashboard is to go to a Space where you have the required permissions, click the New button, and then click Dashboard:

In turn, you’ll see the Create Dashboard dialog box:

Type a name for your Dashboard in the Name field, click Create Dashboard, and you’re in business.


By default, your new Dashboard opens in edit mode, with the expectation that you’ll start adding new items to your Dashboard immediately. If you want to do that, great. Alternatively, you can click Done Editing, and then return at any time to start building your Dashboard.

However, depending on how your implementation of Customer Insights has been configured, you might not see a New button even if you’re in a Space (such as your personal Space) where you can create a Dashboard. Fortunately, But that’s OK: there’s another way to create a Dashboard. If you’re working with an Explore or a Look, click the Settings icon and see if the Save to Dashboard option is available to you (this option should be available on all Explores, and should also appear on Looks stored in Spaces where you have the requisite permissions):

To create a new Dashboard using this menu, click Save to Dashboard. When the Add to a Dashboard in this folder dialog box appears, click New Dashboard:

In the Enter the new Dashboard name dialog, type a name for the Dashboard and then click OK:

That creates a new Dashboard in the selected space and takes you back to the previous dialog box.

And yes, the Dashboard has already been created. Even if you exit this dialog box without clicking Add Look to Dashboard or Save to Dashboard, a new, empty Dashboard will still be created.