Copy a property

To make an exact copy of a property (that is, a property that has the same features, IP allow list, and settings, albeit with a different client ID and client secret), complete the following procedure:

  1. From the Manage Properties page, click Actions next to the property you want to copy and then click Copy:

  2. In the Copy this property dialog box, enter a name for the new property (or accept the default name) and then click Copy:

The default name chosen by the Console is created by appending copy to the end of the name. Thus, United States becomes United States copy. If you make a copy of United States copy, the proposed name will be United States copy copy.

You can also copy a property by opening the property in Edit mode and then clicking the Copy property icon:

After clicking Copy property, the Copy this property dialog box is displayed. Note that, regardless of the method you use to copy a property, the new property will inherit the original property’s features, IP allow list, and settings.