Entity API operations

Count user profiles
Returns the number of user profiles in an entity type that meet the specified criteria.
Create a user profile
Creates a new user profile.
Create multiple user profiles
Creates multiple user profiles with a single operation.
Delete a user profile
Deletes the specified user profile. Alternatively, you can use this endpoint to delete a child attribute of a plural attribute.
Invalidate a user session
Removes all existing access grants issued to the user.
Modify a user profile
Updates a user profile.This operation only modifies attributes specified in the request. Any attributes not included in the request are left exactly as-is.
Replace a user profile
Replaces all the attribute values in a user profile with a new set of attribute values. By default, any attributes not included in your operation are replaced with null values.
Search for user profiles
Searches an entity type for users meeting the specified criteria. F
View a user profile
Returns the specified user profile.