Login Access Code Required screen (v2) text reference

This screen appears if:

  1. The user has been authenticated.

  2. Two-factor authentication is in force.

  3. The user has made a selection from the authRule_secondFactor or the user has a verified email address but does not have a verified mobile number. In the latter case, following authentication this screen is displayed and the authRule_secondFactor screen never appears.

Note that the screen includes a masked version of the email address or the mobile device number that the access code was sent to. Regardless, the user must enter the access code and click Continue to complete the login process.

JTL (Janrain Templating Language) tags used on this screen

JTL Text TagDefault Value
textAuthRuleSecondFactorLoginCodeHeadingAccess Code Required
textAuthRuleSecondFactorLoginCodeValueAn access code was sent to
textAuthRuleSecondFactorLoginCodeActionTitleEnter Access Code:
textAuthRuleSecondFactorLoginCodePlaceholderEnter your access code
textAuthRuleSecondFactorRememberDeviceTrust this device for future logins
textSecondFactorLoginCodeSendLinkAccess Code
textCancelRequestCancel Request
textNeedHelpNeed help?
linkHelpVisit our help center.

JTL tags mapped to UI screen elements

The following diagram maps the JTL tags to their corresponding screen elements:

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