Configure Dashboard settings


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

Each Dashboard has a collection of configuration settings that manage such things as how often (or even if) the Dashboard auto refreshes, and whether or not the Dashboard should automatically run any time it is accessed:

These configuration options are described below.


Specifies the name of the Dashboard. While in edit mode, you can also change the Dashboard name by directly typing in the title field:


Brief description of the Dashboard. This description appears in locations such as the Popular perspective:

Run on Load

When set to On, the underlying query runs, and the Dashboard is populated with new data, any time the Dashboard is accessed. When set to Off, Dashboard elements load each time the Dashboard is accessed, but no data is displayed until you click the Run button:

Dashboard Auto Refresh

When set to On, the Dashboard automatically refreshes itself after the specified time interval; this time interval can be set in seconds, minutes, hours, or days:

If auto refresh is disabled, the Dashboard will only refresh itself when you click the Run button.

Note, too that you can set separate refresh intervals for each item on the Dashboard. See the topic Dashboard Element Name for more information.

Default Timezone

Specifies a time zone for the dashboard. (By default, dashboards use the same time zone as the user who creates the dashboard.) Be forewarned that changing time zones can potentially affect date-based data: for example, an event that occurred at 11 PM on March 1st in the Pacific time zone actually occurred on March 2nd in the Eastern time zone.

Setting the default time zone is equivalent to changing the time zone by choosing from the Time Zone dropdown list:

Dashboard Element Name (Auto Refresh)

Enables you to individually set auto refresh rates for the different tiles and Looks found on the Dashboard. For example, on this Dashboard the first tile (US Cities and States) is set to refresh every hour while the other tile (Geographic Locations) is set to refresh 30 minutes: