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This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

Maintains hour/minute of the day information for events. Note that Time Dim information is stored in the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) format and not in local time; however, local time is used for timestamp fields. You can modify your local time zone by:

  1. Clicking your user profile icon and then clicking Account.

  2. On the Account page, click Time Zone and select the desired time zone:

Completing this procedure changes your default time zone. You can also change the time zone for an individual Look or Dashboard by clicking the Time Zone list in the Look/Dashboard toolbar.


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Hour of the day, based on a 24-hour clock. Hour 0 is the time from midnight to 12:59 AM; hour 1 is the time from 1:00 AM to 1:59 AM; etc. Sample data:



Minute of the hour. Minute values are reused throughout the day; for example, 10:23 AM and 11:23 AM both have a minute value of 23. Sample data: