Copy a field


REST API Equivalent. Although there is no single operation or method for copying a field, you can use the /config/{app}/flows/{flow}/fields/{field} operation and the GET method to return the current values of a field. You can then use the /config/{app}/flows/{flow}/fields operation and the POST method to create a new field that uses those same values.

If one is good, then two must be better, right? If so, we've good news for you: you can easily make a copy of any of your fields, a copy that includes all the properties of that field (including data validations) but is not included on any forms. How do you do that? Simply click the Copy Field icon located next to the field in question:

In turn, you’ll get the following confirmation dialog box:

As you can see, Console automatically creates a default name for the new field: it’s simply the name of the to-be-copied field with _copy tacked on the end. Keep that name if you wish, or type a custom name for the field, and then click Save

Incidentally, it might not look like the field has been copied. That’s because, even though fields are displayed, by default, in alphabetical order, new fields are often placed at the bottom of your field list:

But that’s OK: just click the Field Name column header and all your fields, including the newly-copied one, will be re-sorted alphabetically:

Note, however, that this sorting list isn’t “sticky:” if you leave Registration Builder and then come back, you’ll find your copied fields and custom fields at the bottom of the list again. But just click Field Name and the list will be re-alphabetized.