Move and resize tiles


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

When adding an item to a Dashboard, Customer Insights adds the new item to the “end” of the Dashboard, using a size based on both the type of item being added and the amount of space available on the Dashboard. For example, suppose you have a Dashboard that looks like this:

If you add a new Look to that Dashboard, the Dashboard will then look similar to this:

That may or may not be where you wanted the new tile to go, and that may or may not be the size you wanted for the tile. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter: Customer Insights makes it easy to move and or to resize elements on your Dashboards.

If you click an element on your Dashboard, you’ll see several items appear on that element, including a Move handle (the three bars in the upper left corner) and a resizing handle (the solid triangle in the bottom right corner):

If you want to move an element to a new location on the Dashboard, click the Move handle, hold the mouse button down, and then drag the tile to its new location. As soon as you have the tile positioned correctly, release the mouse button, and the Dashboard will rearrange the other elements as needed:

To resize an element, click the resizing handle, hold the mouse button down, and drag the mouse until the tile is the desired size. When you release the mouse button, the tile will change size and, again, other elements on the Dashboard will automatically be moved to make as much room as is needed: