Add a note to a tile


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

Ideally, a visualization speaks for itself: a user should be able to glance at a visualization and immediately know exactly what they’re looking at. However, even the best visualizations often benefit from a little extra information: a note about what values to look for; tips about how users can filter the information; etc., etc.

You can tack additional information onto a Query Tile or a Look Tile by adding a note. To do that, click the Add Note icon in the tile toolbar:

In the Create Dashboard Element Note dialog box, type your note in the Note Text field and then select the location for the note from the Display dropdown list:

The Display dropdown also gives you three choices for positioning the note:

  • Below. The note is shown at the bottom of the tile.
  • Above. The note is shown at the top of the tile.
  • Hover. A question mark icon appears in the tile, and the note is displayed any time the user hovers the mouse over that icon.

For example, suppose we add the note Top 10 email domains based on registered users. and set the Display option Below. That's going to result in a tile that looks like this:

Incidentally, there’s no way to format the note: it’s plain text only. 

If you want to delete a note , click the Edit Note icon and then, in the Save Dashboard Element Note dialog box, click Delete:

Click OK in the confirmation dialog box, and the note will be removed.

Hide the title for a query tile or a Look tile

Another option for configuring your Dashboard is to hide the title for a tile. By default, the title for a tile (e.g., Email Domains) is shown at the very top of that tile:

But maybe you don’t want to see that title. In that case, put the Dashboard in edit mode and hover the mouse over the tile. When you do that, you’ll see the icon of an eye appear next to the title:

Clicking that icon suppresses the display of the title:

To restore the title, just click the eye icon a second time.