Forgot Password screen (v1) text reference


Looking for the Hosted Login v2 version of this screen? Then see Forgot Password v2.

This screen appears when a user clicks the Forgot your password link? on the signIn screen.

JTL (Janrain Templating Language) tags used on this screen

JTL Text TagDefault Value
{* textResetPasswordRequestScreenHeading *}Password Reset
{* textResetPasswordSendTo *}Send password reset instructions to:
{* signInEmailAddress *}Email address
{* textResetPasswordRequestSubmit *}Send
{* textNeedHelp *}Need help?
{* linkHelp *}Visit our help center.
{* textFooter *} 
{* textFooterExtra *} 

JTL tags mapped to UI screen elements

The following diagram maps the JTL tags to their corresponding screen elements:

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