Export global and property settings for a set of properties

In addition to exporting settings from the Manage Applications page, you can also export settings from the Manage Profiles page. If you export settings from that page, you’ll have the option of exporting settings for a selected subset of your properties. For example, instead of exporting global settings and the settings for all your properties, you can export global settings and the settings for a single property:

How do you do that? For starters, you need to know that setting values are exported for each of the properties currently displayed on the Manage Properties page. For example, suppose you have an application with the following properties:

Let’s now suppose that you’ve done a search, and you’ve limited the displayed properties to a single property (in this example, LATAM Login)

If you click Export**Settings**at this point, you’ll get a CSV file similar to this:

As you can see, there are only two entries in the file: one for the global settings (indicated by the “client name” Global) and one for LATAM Login, the only property currently displayed on the Manage Properties page. What happened to the settings for your other properties? Well, because those properties weren’t shown on the page, they didn’t get exported. If you want to export the settings for all your properties, make sure that all the properties are shown on the Manage**Properties**page:

Clock Export**Settings**now, and all five of your properties will now appear in the CSV file:

This, by the way, is the only way to export property settings. As we noted, the Manage Properties page includes an Export Settings button. Click that button to export settings for all the currently-displayed properties:

However, you won’t see a similar button if you access the home page for an individual property:

That’s because you can’t export property settings from here. Instead, you have to do your exporting (and all your filtering) from the Manage Properties page. 


It’s worth clarifying that exporting to a CSV file is the only way to view settings for more than one property at a time. The Console does not provide a method for viewing the settings for multiple properties at the same time.