Timeline visualization


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

Timeline charts compare items over time. For example, you might want to track the length the length of time between registration and first login for a set of users. To do that (or to do anything with a timeline chart), you need a dataset constructed like this:

  • Field 1 - A label of some kind. In this case, that might be the user’s Akamai UUID.
  • Field 2 - An optional field that provides descriptive information.
  • Field 3 - A starting date (or, depending on the type of chart you’re creating, a starting number).
  • Field 4 - An ending date (or number).
  • Field 5 - A optional field that displays the “magnitude” for each record. For example, if you were tracking registrations by country, this field might contain the total number of registrations per country.

The returned dataset might look something like this:

And the timeline chart would then look similar to the following:

In this article:

  • Customizing the Visualization
  • The Options Tab

Customizing the visualization

To customize the timeline visualization (change colors, change the number format, change label sizes, etc.), click Edit to display the parameters menu:

Each of the tabs on this menu, and each configuration option found on these tabs, is detailed in the next few sections of this documentation.

The Options tab

Configuration options for the entire visualization.

Bar Colors

Enables you to apply a custom color scheme to the chart. For example, here’s a chart that uses the default color scheme, Looker Classic:

And here’s that same chart with the Mixed Neutrals color scheme applied:

Group Bars by Label

When set to On, Detail bars are shown in the same row as values. When set to Off, Detail bars are displayed in separate rows.

Label Size

Sets the size of the bars used in the chart. Allowed values are:

  • Tiny
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Huge

For example, this chart uses the Tiny label size:

And this one uses the Huge label size:

Value Format

Specifies how numeric values are displayed in the visualization. For example, if you want to display your value using a single decimal point, use this format:


Customer Insights uses Microsoft Excel-style formatting for specifying value formats. For more information, see Guidelines for using decimal places, spaces, colors, and conditions.

Show Legend

When set to On, displays a legend at the bottom of the chart. When set to Off, no legend is displayed.