Your Customer Insights session times out


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Viewer; Developer

If your organization has a subscription to Customer Insights, and if you have a Customer Insights account, you can access the product and log on by pointing your web browser towards the following URL:

After accessing the site, enter your email address and your Customer Insights password, and then click Log In:

You might note the Stay logged in checkbox at the bottom of the login page. By default, a Customer Insights session lasts for 30 minutes; after that time, and unless you specify otherwise, you’ll automatically be logged off:

That’s the default behavior. However, if you select the Stay logged in checkbox before logging on, your Customer Insights session will be extended to 30 days. That means two things. First, you won’t have to keep answering questions every 30 minutes about whether or not you want to keep your session going. Second, if you close your browser tab (but don’t close the browser session) you can access Customer Insights without having to log back on.

As noted, these “extended” sessions last for 30 days; at that point, you’ll need to once again select the checkbox before logging on and starting a new session. You can verify your session status at any time by clicking your user profile icon and then clicking Sessions:

For example, here’s a session that lasts for 30 minutes:

And here’s a session that lasts for 30 days: