Verify an email address

The /oauth/verify_email_native endpoint will trigger the Registration system to send an email based on the configuration defined for the form used in the API call.

Email verification can also be initiated when a user registers (via /oauth/register_native_traditional.

1. Send verification email

$api_call= '/oauth/verify_email_native';
$params= array(
    'client_id'=> JANRAIN_LOGIN_CLIENT_ID,
    'flow'=> JANRAIN_FLOW_NAME,
    'flow_version'=> JANRAIN_FLOW_VERSION,
    'locale'=> 'en-US',
    // page where the user is sent
    'redirect_uri'=> EMAIL_VERIFICATION_URL,
    // the name of your resend-verification form as defined in the flow file
    'form'=> 'resendVerificationForm',
    // required field from resendVerificationForm
    'signInEmailAddress'=> $_POST['email']
$curl= curl_init();
$api_response= json_decode(curl_exec($curl));
ResponseOutcome / Next Step
Success (ok)Email verification email is sent to user.
No account found for provided email address (invalid_credentials)Provide a resolution path for this error.
Email address already verified (triggered_error)Provide a resolution path for this error.

2. Retrieve the verification code

A successful oauth/verify_email_native call will send the email to the user which contains the verify_email_url appended with a verification code. The landing page for this link must parse the verification code and consume it via the /access/useVerificationCode API call.

3. Consume the verification code

curl -X POST
// verification code parsed from verify_email_url
--data-urlencode `verification_code=12345678912345678912345678912345` \
ResponseOutcome / Next Step
Success (ok)The Registration server automatically sets the TimeStamp on the user’s emailVerified attribute.
Verification code not recognized (invalid_argument)Provide a resolution path for this error.

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