Merge Social Account screen (v1) overview


Looking for the Hosted Login v2 version of this screen? Then see Merge Social Account v2.

The mergeAccounts screen appears if:

  1. A user initially created their account by using traditional registration (that is, by supplying an email address and password).

  2. Sometime after creating that account, the user signs in by using a social login provider associated with the same email address used to create the initial account.

For example, suppose Karim Nafir creates a new account by using the email address A few days later, Karim logs on by using his Facebook account. When he does this, Hosted Login recognizes that the Facebook account uses the email address (, and displays the mergeAccounts screen. Karim then has two choices:

  • He can click Continue to email and, on the traditionalAuthenticateMerge screen, enter his Identity Cloud email address and password. After doing this he'll able to sign-in using either his Identity Cloud account or his Facebook account.

  • He can click Cancel Request and cancel his login. When he does that, however, his Facebook account won't be merged with his Identity Cloud account, and he will only be able to sign in by using his email address and password.

Note that you can only merge accounts if the social login provider returns a verified email address as part of its API response.

Merge accounts screen flow

The following graphic shows how the mergeAccounts screen fits into the Merge Accounts flow:

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