Copy a screen


REST API Equivalent. Although there is no single endpoint or method for copying a screen, you can use the /config/{app}/flows/{flow}/screens/{screen} endpoint and the GET method to return the current values of a screen. You can then use the /config/{app}/flows/{flow}/screens endpoint and the POST method to create a new screen that uses those same values.

As noted in Create a screen, you might never need to create a screen. But if you do, a quick and easy way to create a new screen is to simply copy an existing screen. To do that, click the Copy Screen icon located next to the screen to be duplicated:

That brings up the following dialog box:

As usual, Registration Builder creates a suggested name for the new screen by appending _**copy to the name of the screen being copied (e.g., if you're copying the accountDeactivated screen then the proposed screen name is accountDeactivated_copy). If you like that name, then leave it as-is; if you don’t like that name then change it. Either way, once you’ve decided on a name click Save** and you’ll have a new screen.

And what do you do with this new screen? Well, as we again mentioned elsewhere, you’ll need to work with your Identity Cloud representative to figure that out.

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