Console Registration Builder

The flow (a JSON file that manage the screens, forms, and fields displayed when a user registers with or logs on to an Identity Cloud website) is an integral part of the Identity Cloud login and registration process: if you’re using the JavaScript SDK or Hosted Login, then you're also relying on the flow to help display (and collect) the appropriate information at the appropriate time. 

Needless to say, flows are important in their own right, which explains why flow management tasks (things like copying, deleting, and restoring flows) have been a part of Console and the Registration Builder for quite some time now. Equally important, however, are the individual elements that make up a flow, elements such as fields, forms, and screens. Those elements have traditionally been managed by using the Identity Cloud Configuration APIs. With its most recent release, however, Registration Builder now enables you to carry out such tasks as creating new fields, adding fields to forms, and deleting screens.

Access Registration Builder

Registration Builder is accessed by clicking the Registration Builder link in the Console’s navigation pane:

Clicking that link them takes you to the Registration Flows page, the home page for the Registration Builder:

What you'll see at that point, and what you'll be able to do, depends on the Console role (or roles) you've been assigned.

Navigate between Registration Builder tabs

When you edit a flow, you’ll see a screen with four tabs (VersionsFieldsForms, and Screens):

Suppose you click Forms, and then click the Create Form button. In that case, your screen will look similar to this:

Let’s suppose you start to fill in the property values for your new form:

However, before you finish entering your property values, and before you save your changes, you click the Screens tab:

As you would expect, that takes you to the Screens tab. But what happens to your unsaved changes on the Forms tab? Are they gone for good?

In a word: no. If you switch back to the Forms tab, you’ll see your unsaved changes, just the way you left them:

As it turns out, you can switch back-and-forth between any of the four tabs without losing your changes. The only time you need to worry about unsaved changes is if:

  • You explicitly exit the creation/editing screen. For example, if you click Back to All Forms you’ll lose any unsaved changes:

  • You exit the current flow by clicking on the Registration Builder link in the sidebar:

  • You exit Registration Builder(and/or log off from the Console).

Otherwise, your changes will be there waiting for you to return.