Manage email addresses and mobile device numbers in Hosted Login v2

Changing Your Mobile Device Number

Help ensure that the user trying to change their email address or cell phone number really is the person they claim to be.

Note that the verification methods described in this section of the documentation are available only in Hosted Login v2.

Email addresses and mobile device numbers

  • Modify an email address or mobile number
    Hosted Login v2 introduces a new process for modifying an email address or a mobile device number. And yes, this process is used even if you don’t enable two-factor authentication.

  • Validate a mobile number
    How Hosted Login validates mobile device numbers. And how you can validate mobile device numbers.

  • Use email address verification without 2FA
    You say you want to require users to verify their email address but you don’t want to enable two-factor authentication? Here’s how you do that.

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