Create a board


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Viewer Developer

To create a board, click the Create a board icon (a plus sign inside a circle) found in the navigation pane or in the Browse menu:

That brings up the Create board dialog. In this dialog, give your board a name (board names must be unique throughout your organization) and then click Create board:


At some point you might try naming a board (My New Board) and be told that a board by that name already exists. And yet, when you search for that board, nothing named My New Board shows up. How can that even be possible?

The most-likely explanation is this: another board named My New Board exists, but you don't have access to it. Because of that, the board won't show up when you look for it. But it can, and will, still cause a naming collision. Just give the board a different name (My New Board 2) and everything should be fine.

After you click Create board you’ll get a blank board that looks similar to this:

As you can see, this is a new board, but it’s a board that doesn’t include much beyond a name: the lone section on the board doesn’t have a title, doesn’t have a description, and doesn’t include any visualizations. Technically it’s a board. But practically ….

To remedy this situation, start by adding a visualization to the board. One way to do that is to click the Pin a Dashboard or Look link; that brings up a dialog that lets you add a Look or a Dashboard to your board: 

To add a visualization to the board, simply click the item you want to add. For example, here’s what our board looks like after we clicked the Dashboard User Registrations: Top 10 US States:

To change the title of the section (the text that reads Untitled Section), hover the mouse anywhere over the current title and then click the Edit Title icon (the little pencil icon):

Type a new title for the section and then press ENTER (or click anywhere outside the title area).

Adding a description to a section is even easier: just click on Add description and start typing. We should mention, however, that this works only if the section doesn’t have a description. If it does have a description then you’ll have to hover over the description and click the Edit icon:

When all is said and done, your section should have both a title and a description:

From here you can repeat that process as many times as needed, until all the desired visualizations have been added to the board.

Pinning a Look or Dashboard to a board

When you bookmark a web page you typically do that while you’re viewing the page you want to bookmark. Similarly, you can “pin” a Look or a Dashboard to a board any time you’re viewing that Look or Dashboard. (Keep in mind that you can only pin items to boards that you've created or that you have full access to.) To pin an item to a board, click the Options icon for the Look or Dashboard and then click Pin to a board:

That brings up a dialog in which you specify the board you want to pin the item to as well as the section of the board where the item should appear (new items are automatically placed at the end of the section):

Just like that, your board has a new entry.