Delete a schema

Deleting an entity type is not a task to be taken lightly. After, when you delete an entity type you don’t just delete the schema that defines the structure of that entity type; instead, you delete the entire entity type, including all the data stored there. Are all your user profiles stored in the user entity type? Well, then guess how many user accounts you’ll have left if you delete the user entity type? That’s right: zero.

So while the Console does let you delete entity types, there are a few safeguards built in that help guard against you doing something like accidentally delete all your user accounts. 

What kind of safeguards? To begin with, the ability to delete an entity is automatically disabled each time you access a new schema page. If you’re looking at a schema and you see a locked blue padlock in the upper right corner of the screen, that means that you can’t delete the entity type, at least not at the moment:

Instead. and if you really do want to delete the entity type, you’ll first need to click the blue padlock and unlock the ability to delete an entity type:


Here’s another safeguard: you can only delete the entity type whose schema is currently being displayed. Not looking at the user entity type at the moment? Then there’s no way to delete that entity type, at least not without going to user entity type’s Manage Schemas page.

To delete the entity type, click the red trashcan icon. That displays a dialog box similar to this:

To delete the entity type, you must to enter the entity type name in the Schema Name field and then click Delete. Entering the exact name is the only way to activate the Delete button:

Having to manually enter the entity type name is another way to guard against accidentally deleting the wrong schema.


OK, you’re right: instead, of typing  you can always copy the entity type name from the dialog box heading (in this case, that would be newTestEntityType) and then paste that name into the Schema Name field. But don’t tell anyone we told you that.

After you click Delete the entity type, the entity type schema, and all the data stored in that entity type will be deleted. And with no simple way to recover that data.