Export agent data

In addition to viewing information about your agents onscreen, you can export information about those agents to a comma-separated values (CSV) file. One useful side benefit to exporting agent data? The exported file is the only way that you can tell, at a glance, which agents have been restricted to a limited set of user profiles. From the Manage Agents page, you can only determine an agent’s role; you can’t see any additional restrictions that might have been placed on that role. However, if you open an exported CSV file in a spreadsheet program, all you have to do is check the value of the distinguisherValues column and see for yourself:

If there’s a value of any kind in that column (other than the null value {} ) that means that the user has a restriction placed on their ability to access user profiles.

To export information about your Console agents, just go to the Manage Agents page and click Export All Agents:

That’s all you need to do.


Is there a way to export only some of your agents, for example, only the agents holding the CCP Agent Manager role? No: your export will always include all of your agents.

Clicking Export All Agents creates a CSV file named agents.csv. That file looks similar to this:

2017-10-04 17:33:07.421467 +0000,{},[],toni.luc.ng@gmail.com,Toni Ng
[""ccp\_agent\_manager""]",2017-09-21 05:30:30.635741 +0000,{},[],greg.stemp@janrain.com,Greg Stemp
2017-09-21 18:31:17.524073 +0000,"{""primaryAddress.country"":[""United States""]}",[],
gmichaelstemp@gmail.com,Bob Jones

And what do the individual fields in that file represent? This:

uuidUUID of the agent account. Note that this is for the agent account only. If the agent also has a user account, the agent account UUID will not be the same as his or her user account UUID.
rolesRole assigned to the agent (e.g., ccp_agent_manager).
createdDate and time that the role was assigned.
distinguisherValuesIndicates whether the agent is limited to accessing a subset of profiles. For example, the syntax {“primaryAddress.country”:[“US”]} indicates that the agent can only access profiles where the primaryAddress.country attribute is set to US. If this field is blank then the agent has access to all the user profiles in the database.
groupsReserved for future use.
emailEmail address of the agent.
namesDisplay name of the agent, as shown on the Manage Agents page.

We should also mention that, in your CSV file, the names you see in the roles field aren't always the same role names you see in Console.

For example, in Console you'll see a role named Registration Experience Manager role; however, when you export agent roles that role will be listed as flow_manager. Similarly, the Application Admin role appears in the download as the admin role, the Customer Care Portal Editor role appears as the ccp_agent_update_only role, and so on. For more information, see the article Agent roles reference.