Configure Customer Insights portal access


Note that, at this point in time, Customer Insights isn't available in China.

When you subscribe to ​Akamai​ Identity Cloud you also get a subscription to Customer Insights , the Identity Cloud’s data analytics portal. Along with this subscription you get a total of 5 Customer Insights licenses to distribute as you see fit: 4 Viewer licenses and 1 Developer license. As you might expect, the different license types (or, more accurately, the user roles associated with each license type) give users different sets of permissions within Customer Insights. Those permissions, broken out by user role, are summarized in the following table:

PermissionAccessible to Viewers?Accessible to Developers?
View content
Filter content
Create schedules
Download data
Develop custom content


For more information, see the article Customer Insights access permissions.

Customers who need additional user licenses can purchase these licenses through Akamai Marketplace or by contacting their ​Akamai​ representative. 

Use the following steps to add, remove, or change user access to Customer Insights:

  1. Open a Business Support Case with ​Akamai​. If you don't have access to ​Control Center​ please reach out to someone who can open an ​Akamai​ support ticket on your behalf.

  2. Select Category: Business Support Issue or Question.

  3. Select Area: General Account Management.

  4. Select Service: Product Support.

  5. In the Subject field enter Customer Insights Provisioning.

  6. In the Description field, indicate the following:

    • Email address(es)
    • Action to be taken: Add/Remove/Change access.
    • Desired role for user: Viewer/Developer. Only one developer role is included per account.
    • Note that the Severity field defaults to 3-Low Impact and cannot be changed.

The ​Akamai​ Support team will generally respond to your request within one business day. 

Invited users should watch for an activation email from Looker (Customer Insights is based on Google Looker). To activate their new account, a user simply needs to click the Activate Your Account button:

This takes them to the account registration screen where they choose their display names and their Customer Insights password:

After completing the form and clicking Submit, the user is signed into Customer Insights. Customer Insights can be later accessed from the URL