Donut multiples visualization


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

Donut charts are simply pie charts with a hole in the center (the hole is typically filled with a label of some kind). The “multiples” part of donut multiples comes from the fact that a visualization can contain more than one donut chart. For example, you might have a series of donut charts showing registration and login activities, one for each day of the week, or one for each month of the year.

In this article:

  • Customizing the Visualization
  • The Plot Tab
  • The Series Tab

Customizing the visualization

To customize the donut multiples visualization (change colors, show or hide value labels, specify the number of charts displayed in each row, etc.), click Edit to display the parameters menu:

Each of the tabs on this menu, and each configuration option found on these tabs, is detailed in the next few sections of this documentation.

The Plot tab

Configuration options for the entire visualization.

Value Labels

When set to On, individual slices in the donut charts are labeled:

When set to Off, slices are not labeled:

Series Label Size

Slider control that changes the size of the series label (the label that appears in the middle of each donut chart).

Number of Charts Per Row

Specifies the maximum number of charts that can appear in a row: For example, here the number of charts per row is set to 5:

The default value is 3.

Hide Legend

When set to On, the chart legend is displayed:

When set to Off, the chart legend is not displayed:

The Series tab

Configuration options for individual data series.


Enables you to apply a custom color scheme to your donut charts. For example, this chart uses the default color scheme, Looker Classic:

And here’s that same chart with the Mixed Neutrals color scheme applied:


The Customizations section enables you to customize individual slices within your donut charts. You can use this section to change the color of a slice, or to change the label of a slice.

To change the color of a slice, click the Color box and then, from the dropdown menu, click a new color:

If you have a specific color in mind, you can type the hex value or the CSS color name of that color in the color field:

To change the label assigned to a slice, click the arrow next to the slice, and then type a new label in the Label box:

The slice label changes accordingly: