Download an upgraded Dashboard report


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Viewer; Developer

If you’re using an upgraded Dashboard, you won’t see separate downloading options for CSV files and for PDF files. Instead, you’ll see a single menu option labeled Download:

If you click Download, the download dialog appears:

If you want to download the Dashboard as a set of CSV files, then click Download and the ZIP file immediately starts downloading. If you’d prefer to download the Dashboard as a PDF file, click the Format dropdown and then click PDF:

When you do that, the dialog redraws itself to provide additional downloading options:

These options, explained in the article Download a legacy Dashboard report, include:

  • Setting the paper size for printed documents (Paper size).
  • Ensuring that all the rows in a table are included in the download (Expand tables to show all rows).
  • Displaying visualizations in a single column (Arrange Dashboard tiles in a single column).
  • Opening the PDF file in a web browser instead of downloading it to your computer (Open in Browser).

Make any changes as needed, and then click Download (or click Open in Browser to view the PDF file onscreen).