Copy a form


Although there is no single operation or method for copying a form, you can use the /config/{app}/flows/{flow}/forms/{form} operation and the GET method to return the current values of a form. You can then use the /config/{app}/flows/{flow}/forms) operation and the POST method to create a new form that uses those same values.

As noted elsewhere, you might not have a lot of reason to create a form. However, there’s at least one instance in which you could find it useful to copy a form. For example, suppose you’re planning to make wholesale changes to your editProfile form. You make your changes and put the new form into production. For some reason, however, users don’t like the new form; they want you to go back to the old form. That’s fine, except for one thing: what did the old form look like again?

That’s where making a copy of a form might come in handy. Before you start making changes to the editProfile form, make a copy of that form (editProfile_copy). If it turns out that nobody likes the new form then you can: 1) delete editProfile, and, 2) make a copy of editProfile_copy and name this new form editProfile. That should put you right back where you started.

Regardless of why you might want to do so, copying a form is as easy as completing the following procedure:

  1. From the Forms tab, click the Copy Form icon located next to the form you want copied:

  2. In the Create dialog box, enter a name for the new form:

    By default, Console creates a form name for you by appending _copy to the name of the existing form. You can keep that auto-generated name, or supply a name of your own choosing.

  3. Click Save.