Edit a form


REST API Equivalent. You can use the /config/{app}/flows/{flow}/forms/{form} operation and the PUT method to modify an existing field.

“Editing” a form really means doing one of two things. For one, you can enable or disable reCaptcha simply by selecting or deselecting the Enable reCaptcha checkbox:

reCaptcha, of course, is the anti-bot technology that, in the case of the Identity Cloud, requires users to select an I’m not a robot checkbox before they can submit a form:

In addition to enabling/disabling reCaptcha, you can also modify the fields found on a form. For example, by default the registrationForm form includes the following fields:

You say that’s way more fields than you need? That’s fine. If you look at the preceding screenshot, you’ll see that each referenced field has an X in the very last column:

Click that X and you’ll remove the field from the form. For example, here we’ve removed a whole bunch of fields from the registrationForm form:

If you’re happy with your new set of fields, then just click Save.

But suppose you’re not happy, suppose you regret removing the addressCountry field. If that’s the case, then just click Add Field to add a field (including any fields you might have removed) to the form:

Click Add Field in the dialog box, and the field will be added to the form. It's that easy.

Incidentally, there’s one other thing you can do when editing a form. Right now our list of fields looks like this:

Does it matter what order the fields are in? It might; after all, the way the fields are ordered in Registration Builder is the same way fields are ordered when the form is displayed to a user:

But suppose you’d rather have Email Address be the first field that users see when they create a new account. That’s fine: just click on the emailAddress field, hold the mouse button down, then drag emailAddress to the top of the list and let it go. That moves emailAddress to the top of the list:

More important, and assuming that you save your changes, the next time a user creates a user account Email Address will be the first field they encounter: