You get a verify_email_url is not set error

Oh, dear. You submit your authorization request, and that request promptly fails with the following error:


What in the world does it mean to not have “verify_email_url” set?

Fortunately, we’re here to tell you exactly what that means. If you see this error message, it means that your application client doesn’t have the verify_email_url setting, the setting that specifies the URL users need in order to verify their email address. Because of the importance attached to verifying email addresses, this setting is mandatory: if you don’t have the setting users can’t verify their email addresses, and if users can’t verify their email addresses then Hosted Login won’t accept logins and registrations.

To be honest, you should never encounter this error: after all, the verify_email_url setting is automatically configured any time you create an OpenID Connect login client . Still, bad things can happen to good people: something could go wrong when the application client is created, or someone else (not you, of course) could inadvertently delete the setting. Regardless, if you do encounter this error Hosted Login isn’t going to work, at least not until you fix the problem.

Fortunately, fixing the problem is pretty easy:

  1. In Console, click Manage Properties, then click the name of the application client:


  2. On the Edit page, click Edit Settings, then, on the Edit Settings page, click the Add Setting icon:


  3. Click Select setting key and then click verify_email_url:


  4. In the Value field enter your email verification URL and then click the Save Changes icon:


And what if you didn’t memorize your email verification URL? That’s OK; you can always recreate that URL by using the following format:


For example, suppose your identityDomain URL is, your customer ID number is 01000000-0000-3000-9000-000000000000, and your confidential/public client ID is 07e4b6e4-4a6f-4825-94fe-8a7bc57196c1. In that case, the verify_email_url should be set to this: