Resend an email verification notice


This topic applies only to organizations running Customer Care Portal.

Verification emails are automatically sent when you create a new user profile or when a user first registers with a web site. (Unless, of course, you disabled these verifications.) But what if the verification email never arrives, or what if the user inadvertently deletes it? How much trouble is that going to cause?

To be honest, that’s not going to cause any trouble at all. That’s because you can resend a verification email at any time by completing this two-step procedure:

  1. From the Manage Profiles page, click the appropriate user profile.
  2. From the Edit User Profile page, click Resend Verification.

After receiving the email the user simply clicks the enclosed link to verify their email address.

By default, users can log on to a web site even if they have not verified their email address. However, organizations have the option of configuring their site to prevent logons from users who have not verified their email address.


If you have indexed the emailVerified attribute you can search for users whose have not verified their email address. If there’s no value in a user’s emailVerified attribute that means that the corresponding email address has not been verified.