Link filters


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

If you’re looking for something really cool, you came to the right place: with Customers Insights, you can link two or more Dashboard filters together. Admittedly, that might not sound all that impressive. But you might change your mind after we show you what we mean.

For example, suppose we have a Dashboard that features two filters, one for US state and the other for US city:

Let’s further suppose that you set the state filter to OR, limiting the returned data to users from the state of Oregon:

So far so good. Now you’d like to further filter by city. As you know, when you click a filter field, a dropdown list appears showing you available values for the field:

That’s the good news. The bad news? Although you’ve limited the state to Oregon, the dropdown list for the City filter is showing all the cities in your database, including all the cities not in Oregon. That’s less than ideal: if you’re limiting the state to Oregon, you’d probably like to limit the city to cities in Oregon.

Hey, all you had to do was ask. After configuring your two filters, do this:

  1. From the Add/Edit Dashboard Filters dialog box, make sure you have the State filter selected and then click Filters to Update:

  2. From the Filters to Update tab, click City and then click Save.

The two filters are now linked: when you update the State filter, the City filter will update as well:

And yes, you can select the City filter, repeat the process, and have the State filter update automatically whenever the city changes:

In other words: