Introduction to Webhooks v3

​Akamai​ Identity Cloud Webhooks are a monitoring and alerting system that provides near real-time notifications of user profile and session activity.

Webhooks v3 monitors the following events that occur in the Identity Cloud platform:

  • entityCreated. A user profile has been created in the database.
  • entityDeleted. A user profile has been deleted from the database.
  • entityUpdated. A data value within a user profile has changed.

To take advantage of this feature, you can create webhook subscriptions that specify which events you’re interested in. If one of your subscribed-to events occurs, Webhooks v3 pushes an event notification to your listener endpoint.

The process looks like this:

Notable features of Webhooks v3:

  • Self-service management of your webhook subscriptions and event deliveries.
  • Server-side event filtering.
  • Automatic retry of delivery failures.
  • Failed event queue and manual redelivery.