Add row and column totals to a data table


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

Another useful way to supplement data (at least in data tables) is to add row and column totals. For example, consider the following table, which shows sign-ins for the past year:

Nice, but wouldn’t it be even nicer if we knew the total number of sign-ins for the year? You bet it would. And we can add that information just by going to the Data section and clicking Totals:

Doing that adds column totals to our table, and to our visualization:

Now consider this table:

Here we show quarterly values for several different event types. Wouldn’t it be nice to see yearly totals for each event type? Yes, it would. But it would also be nice to see the quarterly totals: the combined event totals for each quarter. And we can add that to our table by selecting Row Totals as well as Totals:

Here’s the revised table: