Change your agent password

The login page for the Console includes a Forgot Password link that enables you to reset your password at any time:

If you need to change your password, just go to Console login page and click Forgot Password. That takes you to the Forgot Password page:

Enter the email address associated with your Console account in the Email Address field and then click Send. In turn, you’ll be sent an email similar to this:

If you click the link in the email, you’ll be taken to the Password Reset page:

On the Password Reset page:

  1. Type a new password in the New Password field. See the article Accept an agent invitation for information on Console password requirements.

  2. Re-type the password in the Confirm New Password field.

  3. Click Send.

Your password will be changed, and you’ll be able to log on to the Console again.

But suppose that, right before you received the password reset email, you suddenly remembered your password. Do you have to change your password anyway? No, you don’t: if you never click the link (or even if you do click the link but don’t bother to change your password) your old password remains in force.

OK, but here’s another thought: suppose you click the link, you change your password, and then somewhere along the way you forget your new password as well. Can you just keep clicking that same email link, changing your password any time you want?

No, that won’t work. Password reset links are for one-time use only: after you’ve used a link to reset your password that link expires and cannot be used again. Yes, you can click the link, but instead of being allowed to reset your password you’ll see this error message:

To change your password a second time, you’ll have to resubmit your email address and start the process all over again.

And then there’s this: by default, password links expire after 1 day (24 hours). If you get a password reset email on Friday afternoon, but wait until Monday morning to try to reset your password, you’ll get that same Authorization code is not valid error message. Again, you’ll have to resubmit your email address and start the process all over again.

Console passwords and Social Login Dashboard permissions

Although the Dashboard is being phased out, many organizations still need to use both the Console and the Dashboard; that means you might have both a Console account and a Dashboard account. It’s important to note that, when it comes to passwords, those two accounts are not linked in any way: if you change your Console password that will not change your Dashboard password as well. For example, suppose you change your Console password and then try to logon to the Dashboard using that new password. If you do that, your Dashboard logon will fail:

Why did logon fail? That’s right: because you only changed your Console password; you didn’t change your Dashboard password.

So how do you keep your two passwords in synch? For better or worse, there’s no automated way to do that. If you change your Console password to p@ssw0rd! then you’ll need to manually change your Dashboard pass to p@ssw0rd! as well. And, of course, the same thing works in reverse: changing your Dashboard password does not automatically change your Console password.

Special Characters Allowed in Console Passwords

The following table lists the special characters that can be included in a Console password:

Allowed CharacterCharacter Name
!Exclamation mark
"Double quote
#Number sign (hash)
'Single quote
(Left parenthesis
)Right parenthesis
+Plus sign
.Period (full stop)
<Less than sign
=Equals sign
>Greater than sign
?Question mark
@At sign
[Left bracket
\ Backslash
]Right bracket
`Grave accent (backtick)
{Left brace
|Vertical bar
}Right brace