Customer Insights access permissions


Note that, at this point in time, Customer Insights isn't available in China.

Customer Insights includes two different access levels: Customer Advanced User and Customer Basic User, making it important to understand the differences between the two access levels. The following table lists some of those key differences:

TaskAdvanced UserBasic User
Access Dashboards
Access Explores
Access Looks
Add a Look to a Dashboard
Change Your Default Space
Copy a Dashboard
Copy a Look
Create Dashboards
Create Looks
Create Spaces
Download Data
Email Data to Other Users
Manage Access to Your Personal Space
Mark Items as Favorites
Run Queries
Schedule Data Deliveries
Share a Look or an Explore
Use Filters
View Dashboard Access Settings

Obviously these access levels affect the tasks you're able to carry out within the product. They also affect the product’s look and feel. For example, here are the options available to an Advanced User when viewing a Dashboard:

And here are the settings available to a Basic user accessing the same Dashboard: