Production launch process


The content on this page deals with a legacy feature of the ​Akamai​ Identity Cloud (in this case, the JavaScript SDK). If you are currently an Identity Cloud customer and are using the JavaScript SDK, that SDK is still supported. However, if you’re new to the Identity Cloud the JavaScript SDK is no longer available. Instead, you should use Hosted Login for your login and registration needs.

​Akamai​ will provision a customer’s Production environment when [Configuration and acceptance testing) is complete. This environment is distinct from Development with its own Social Login application(s), Registration application, user data storage, API clients and settings, and flow configurations. ​Akamai​ will promote the approved flow(s) and schema(s) from Development to Production, but the following configuration tasks completed for Development must also be completed by the customer for Production:

  1. Provision new API clients
  2. Update API client settings
  3. Configure social providers
  4. Allow list domains for integration

The customer can then go live with the JavaScript SDK at any time. Before releasing any website or application code to Production, update all JavaScript settings and direct API calls to your Registration application to point to the Production environment credentials. At a minimum, the following JavaScript settings must be updated:

SettingNew Value
janrain.settings.appUrlProduction Social Login application domain
janrain.settings.capture.captureServerProduction Registration application domain
janrain.settings.capture.appIdProduction Registration application ID
janrain.settings.capture.clientIdProduction Registration API client ID
var httpLoadUrlProduction Social Login application load file (http site)
var httpsLoadUrlProduction Social Login application load file (https site)

In addition, if you have a custom domain ) then you will need to replace the rpx_realm API client setting with the rpx_custom_realm setting. These API client settings can usually be found in the Default Settings.

If you are using additional features such as Single Sign-on, you may need to update additional settings. The ​Akamai​ Professional Services team supporting your deployment can provide guidance on what is required for your implementation.

Additional production releases

Once you have launched your first property using ​Akamai​ Registration into production, you may continue to update your Registration experience on the Development environment. Many changes can be released to Production on the customer’s side without assistance from Akamai. However, any changes made to the Registration flow using the Configuration API must be promoted to Production by using the Registration Builder in the Console tool.