Manage flows in Registration Builder

Use Console's Registration Builder to manage flows. Flows are large JSON files that work behind the scenes to help guide user logins and registrations. Note that all Identity Cloud registration systems — Hosted Login, the Authentication APIs, and the JavaScript SDK — rely in large part on flows.

Manage flows in Console

  • Search for flows
    Find the exact flow you’re interested in.

  • Edit a flow
    Modify the fields, forms, and screens used in a flow.

  • Copy a flow
    Make an exact copy of a flow.

  • Restore a flow
    The latest version of your flow not working the way you expected it to? Then restore a previous (and working) version of the flow. It’s that simple.

  • Promote a flow
    Typically done to copy a flow from a staging environment to your production environment.

  • Delete a flow
    Delete a flow and all its versions. Note that this operation can’t be undone: once a flow is gone it’s gone for good.

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