Version history

This page lists versioning information for Hosted Login. Note that the EOL Date column indicates when the specified version will be deprecated. If you see two dashes (--) in the column that means that the end-of-life date for that version has not been announced yet.

VersionRelease DateEOL DateNotes
v210/2020 * Added two-factor authentication ) . This includes adding/updating screens; adding new application client settings; and modifying the flow. Note that you don’t have to change your flow in order to use two-factor authentication: Hosted Login can carry out 2FA even if the required 2FA content is not in your flow. That’s because, for two-factor authentication, Hosted Login relies on a separate flow not tied to an individual organization or application.

* Added support for trusted devices. This enables users to login by using two-factor authentication and then, as part of this process. mark their device as a trusted device. Doing this enables these users to bypass two-factor authentication (for a specified amount of time) whenever they log in from a trusted device.

* Added enhanced security to a user’s email address and mobile device number as stored in the user profile.

* Added navigational enhancements to the signIn screen and the user profile screens.

* Added a version number to the Upgrade to Hosted Login v2 used in login policies.

* Added a version number to the default CSS stylesheet. To continue using the v1 version of the stylesheet, reference base.css in the theming.StylesheetURLs setting. To use the most recent version of the stylesheet, reference base-1.css.
v11/2019* Initial release of Hosted Login.