Set up an API-based implementation

The purpose of this section is to guide developers through the authentication process using the Identity Cloud Registration Server and supporting server-side API (Application Programming Interface) endpoints without using the Registration Widget or Mobile Libraries.

All code examples in this document will be demonstrated as Curl calls or using generic PHP code. In most cases, Curl calls should be submitted to the API endpoints over SSL using the HTTP POST Method. Additionally, the /oauth example calls will not accept query parameters as everything must be submitted as a url-encoded form parameter.


Before you begin, keep in mind that ​Akamai​does not accept CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) headers; that means that you cannot submit an AJAX request directly to an Identity Cloud OAuth API endpoint. Instead, that request must first be submitted to a server page; the server page will then forward the request to the OAuth endpoint.

In this section you'll find the following articles:

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