object data type

An object is an attribute that contains a single value; however, that value can contain many parts (that is, many child attributes). For example, the primaryAddress attribute is an object: a user can have only one primary address;. However, that single primary address includes such things as a city, a state abbreviation, a country of residence, a phone number, and so on. Each of those child items is an attribute: the primaryAddress attribute is composed of 9 different string attributes.

Because an object is primarily a container for other attributes, no data validations or transformations are set on the object itself. Instead, validations and transformations are set on the individual attributes stored in the object. For example, all the child attributes in the primaryAddress object have been configured with the Case Sensitive validation:


Object and plural attributes can be nested within another object or plural. Attribute nesting is limited to a depth of 5 attributes. For example:

  • object1.plural2.object3.plural4.givenName
    (This is a depth of 5 attributes and is allowed.)
  • object1.plural2.object3.plural4.object5.givenName
    (This is a depth of 6 attributes and is NOT allowed.)