Set up Hosted Login

Mission Statement

The purpose of this document is to guide developers through a basic implementation of Hosted Login. Further customizations can be made as needed, but are outside the scope of this Quick Start Guide. Note that this document is designed to get Hosted Login v1 up and running. See Introduction to Hosted Login v2 for information on upgrading from Hosted Login v1 to Hosted Login v2.


The audience for this document is developers for ​Akamai​ Identity Cloud customers who are in the delivery phase for Hosted Login and are ready to get an implementation up-and-running.

This guide assumes the audience is already familiar with:

  • Making API calls
  • Working with:
    • Registration applications
    • API clients and settings
    • Schemas
    • Flows

It also assumes the audience has an existing website or app with which to integrate Hosted Login.

Hosted Login setup (step-by-step)

  1. Verify components
  2. Get an administrative access token
  3. Create a token policy
  4. Create a login policy
  5. Create or modify a login client
  6. Configure application client settings
  7. Make an authorization request
  8. Configure CNAMEs
  9. Redirect Hosted Login links
  10. Configure social login
  11. Next steps

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