Request Personal Data screen (v1) overview


Looking for the Hosted Login v2 version of this screen? Then see Request Personal Data v2.

The requestDataSuccess screen appears when a user clicks the Request My Data button on the manageProfile_privacy screen. There are at least two things to note about this screen:

  • Unlike some “success” screens, the requestDataSuccess screen does not automatically disappear after a few seconds. Instead, the user must navigate away from the screen.

  • Clicking the Request My Data button doesn't send the requested personal data to the user. Instead, a datetime value is written to the accountDataRequestTime attribute in the user’s user profile:

    Organizations must periodically query the user store (or perhaps use webhook notifications) to check for users who have requested copies of their user data. Organizations are also responsible for creating the data reports that are sent to the users.

Request data screen flow

The following graphic shows how the requestDataSuccess screen fits into the Request Data flow:

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