You tried to filter for agents but nothing seems to happen


I tried to search for all my agents that have a last name that starts with the letter e, but when I typed the e I continued to see all my agents. Is this the expected behavior.


In this case, yes. The problem you’re running into is the fact that the Manage Agents page uses a very simple, very rudimentary type of searching. When you type the letter e, the Console doesn’t search for agents who have an email address that starts with the letter e; instead, it searches for agents who have that letter anywhere in their email address or display name. (Not just at the beginning, but anywhere.) For example, if you type ed you’ll see email addresses like or; you’ll also see email addresses like or display names like Fred Smith.

Is there a way to work around this issue? Not really; about the best you can do is export all your agent data, then use a different program to sift through the exported information.

For more information on filtering your list of agents, see Filtering for Agents.