Merge Traditional Account screen (v1) text reference


Looking for the Hosted Login v2 version of this screen? Then see Merge Traditional Account v2.

This screen appears any time a user wants to merge a traditional account with a social login account. To merge the accounts, a user must log on using their traditional email address and password. If authentication succeeds, the accounts are merged.

Note that you can only merge accounts if the social login provider returns a verified email address as part of its API response.

JTL (Janrain Templating Language) tags used on this screen

JTL Text TagDefault Value
{* textMergeAccountAuthScreenHeading *}Verify your existing account
{* textMergeAccountAuthScreenSubHeading *}Sign in to complete account merge
{* signInEmailAddress *}Email Address
{* currentPassword *}Password
{* textSignIn *}Sign In
{* textSignInCancel *}Cancel Request
{* textNeedHelp *}Need help?
{* linkHelp *}Visit our help center.
{* textFooter *} 
{* textFooterExtra *} 

JTL tags mapped to UI screen elements

The following diagram maps the JTL tags to their corresponding screen elements:

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