Add data validations

Data validations provide a way for you to make sure that the correct type of data (or at least the correct format for that data) has been entered into a field, and to do so before the user submits the form. Among other things, this helps the user avoid the less-than-enjoyable experience of completing an onscreen form, clicking Submit, and then being told that they forgot to include their cell phone number or that their birthday must be entered as day/month/year. For example, the Hosted Login sign-in form validates email addresses on the fly, and immediately notifies the user if there’s a problem with the way an address was entered:

Registration Builder offers a large number of data validations. See Identity Cloud data validations for a detailed list.

To add a data validation to a field, click Add New Validation:

In the Add New Data Validation dialog, select a Validation Type, enter an error message in the Error message text field, and then click Add Validation:

After you click Add Validation, the Validations section is updated to include the new validation:

Mission accomplished.

By the way, from here you can edit the validation (click the pencil icon) or delete the validation (click the trashcan icon). You can also add additional validations. For example, this field has been configured with three data validations (Format, Unique, and Required):

As you can see, it’s not very difficult to add, modify, or remove a validation. What can be difficult (relatively speaking, that is) is knowing which validations to add, and understanding what each validation does after it’s been added. With that in mind, the next few sections of this documentation walk you through the data validations available to you.