Manage access to boards


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Viewer; Developer

By default, boards you create are off-limits to everyone except yourself and Customer Insights administrators. However, you’re free to share that board with anyone (or everyone) as you see fit. Customer Insights lets you provide other users with one of two levels of access to your boards:

  • Manage Access, Edit. Gives the user full access to the board: users at this level can modify the board, share the board with others, and even delete the board.

  • View. Provides read-only access to a board: users can view the items on the board but can’t make changes of any kind. As you can see, the board toolbar for users with View access doesn’t include icons for sharing a board or for deleting a board:

Provide access to a board

To give a user (or users, or a group, or groups) access to a board, start by clicking the Share this board icon:

In turn, that displays the Manage access to this board dialog:

To allow access to the board for a user (or group), start typing their user name or email address in the Add group or user field. As you type, Customer Insights will begin filtering the user base, showing you a dropdown list of possible matches. For example, in the following screenshot, we typed adv; in turn, Customer Insights shows us the user with the user name Customer Advanced User (an Identity Cloud test account):

As you can see, Customer Insights looks for the character string you type anywhere in the user name or email address. For example, entering toni finds names like these:

  • Toni Luc Ng
  • Antonio Micelli
  • Raquel Alstoni

Note, too that you can only provide access to users who have Customer Insights accounts within your organization. If you enter the name/email address of user who doesn’t have a Customer Insights account, the Add button (which lets you add the user to the list of people who have access to the board) remains grayed-out and unavailable:

After you’ve located the user account, click the dropdown list to select the access type: View (the default access level) or Manage Access, Edit. If you’d like Customer Insights to send an email to the user you’ve just granted access to, click the Email the people you just added checkbox:

Click Add to add the new user or group. Repeat this process as many times as needed to add additional users or groups; when you’re finished, click Save. This last step is important: the Add button adds users/groups to the people who can be given access to the board, but access isn’t actually granted until you click Save.

If you need to remove access for a user or group, open the Manage access to this board dialog, click the Remove button (X) located to the right of the user/group whose access is being revoked, and then click Save:

Two things to keep in mind here:

  • You can’t remove the access rights granted to Customer Insights administrators (Admins). Administrators are automatically given full access to all boards.

  • You can remove your own access rights. That works, but it also means you won’t be able to view or manage the board after those rights are removed, as the following warning indicates: