Manage Personal Data screen (v2) overview


If you're looking for the Hosted Login v1 version of this screen, see Manage Personal Data v1.

The manageProfile_data screen appears after a user clicks Personal Data on the manageProfile screen. You can direct a logged-in user to this screen by using a URI similar to the following:\_id=a123ef65-83dc-4094-a09a-76e1bec424e7

In the preceding URI, e0a70b4f-1eef-4856-bcdb-f050fee66aae is the Akamai customer ID and a123ef65-83dc-4094-a09a-76e1bec424e7 is the OIDC login client used to make the initial authorization request.

You can also display a Back to App button on this screen by including the redirect_uri parameter when opening the user profile. For example:\_id=70a45721-c6ef-4d7c-91ff-f14e9346b8b6&redirect\_uri=

If the user clicks the Back to App button, he or she is sent to the URL specified by the redirect_uri parameter.

 The Back to App button (available only in Hosted Login v2), looks like this:

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