Block access for an agent

If you need to temporarily suspend an agent’s access to user profiles, there’s an easy way to do that. In the Console, click the agent’s name on the Manage Agents page, and then, for the appropriate entity type (or types), click Blocked:

After you click Save, the specified agent will no longer have access to the blocked entity type. The agent can still log on to the Console; however, he or she won’t be able to do much of anything, at least not when it comes to user profiles.


Or at least when it comes to the blocked entity type. If you have multiple entity types and if you want to fully prevent the agent from accessing user profiles, you must block access for each of those entity types.

To restore an agent’s access, click the agent’s name on the Manage Agents page, select the appropriate access permissions for the blocked entity (either Full Access or Limited Access), and then click Save.

When you block or unblock agent access, the agent receives a Roles have changed email. However, this email does not specify how his or her role has changed. It simply alerts the agent to the fact that his or her permissions are now different.

One thing to keep in mind: the Limited Access option will not be available unless you have configured the {entityType}*_distinguisher_field for this entity type.