Verify Identity Cloud operational status

If you’re experiencing service or availability issues with Identity Cloud, we recommend that you start by checking the Akamai Status page. This page keeps you informed of known issues affecting Akamai products, and lets you track the progress being made towards resolving those issues. Among other things, that means that, if you use other Akamai products in addition to Identity Cloud, you’ll find service and availability information for those products on this same page.

Along with service incidents and reports the Akamai Status page also provides a way to quickly verify Identity Cloud’s operational status. To see if Identity Cloud is up and running, expand the App & Network Security section and look for Akamai Identity Cloud:

If the problem you’re experiencing isn’t shown on this page that often means that it’s not a system-wide issue. In that case, click Akamai Technical Support at the top of the page in order to access the Akamai Help Center.

Some customers might also be familiar with (or at least be aware of) the Akamai Identity Cloud Status page. This page is no longer used for reporting service incidents or outages. Instead, the Identity Cloud Status page is for communicating information about Identity Cloud product releases or maintenance updates. For service or availability issues visit the Akamai Status page instead.