Manage Customer Insights Looks and Explores

Manage Customer Insights Looks and Explores. Explores are similar to database tables, while Looks enable you to extract data from those tables and then use that data to create charts and graphs.

Manage Looks and Explores in Customer Insights

  • Add dimensions
    The data fields you want to use in your report.

  • Add measures
    Provides ways for you to better summarize your data. For example, the Count measure displays the total number of items in a category (e.g., the total number of users who reside in a given country).

  • Add filters
    Filters let you view a targeted subset of your data. For example, you might have a filter that lets you focus on users from a given region or, conversely, on users not from a given region.

  • Add pivots
    Add a pivot table to a Look.

  • Add row and column totals to a data table
    Sum up rows, or columns, in your data tables.

  • Add table calculations to a data table
    Calculate averages, track trends, or just configure the way values are displayed in a data table.

  • Modify data table row and column limits
    Specify the maximum number of rows and columns displayed in a table. By default Customer Insights displays 5,000 rows and limits you to 50 columns.

  • Select a visualization
    How to change a pie chart to a bar chart. And vice-versa.

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