A custom provider button has an odd-looking label


The button for my custom provider appears in the Hosted Login sign-in screen, but that button has a name that looks like this: 3cc14467-fd4f-437d-a0c0-0b3888dd2ee4.d284e861-d7f9-426e-93b0-56e01cf6d0ea. What's going on here?


If we understand you correctly, you’re seeing a sign-in screen that looks like this:

That’s not good. And not just because the button looks weird: if you click it, that button won’t actually do anything, either.

There’s typically only one reason why you’ll see something like this: although you entered the provider identifier in the authentication.providers setting, you didn’t enter the provider information in the authentication.providers.custom setting. (Or, alternatively, and perhaps due to a typographical error, the identifier you used in authentication.providers setting differs from the one you entered in the authentication.providers.custom setting.)

To fix the problem, make sure you’ve added the required information to authentication.providers.custom:

{"3cc14467-fd4f-437d-a0c0-0b3888dd2ee4.d284e861-d7f9-426e-93b0-56e01cf6d0ea": {"provider": "akamai-access","name": "Okta SAML", "icon": "https://www.okta.com/sites/default/files/Dev\_Logo-02\_Large-thumbnail.png"},}

Now your sign-in screen should look (and act) the way you expected it to: